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Energy Medicine Works

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What is Eden Energy Medicine?

Einstein said it best: 

Energy is Everything

This is NOT philosophy,

This is PHYSICS.

We are all Made of Energy!
Many years after his definitive research and his Nobel Prize, we still do not truly understand the meaning of Einstein's great discovery!  Despite our use of electrical and magnetic energy in all our major diagnostic devices, even the technicians that operate the ECG, MRI and other modern devices often do not realize that our bodies ARE ELECTROMAGNETIC STRUCTURES!

You and I run on electricity and electromagnetism.  These are the "sparks" that create every action we perform.
From the cellular to the muscular level, and through every bodily system, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual,
 Because we ARE energy, working with the body's energy can heal and can allow us to learn many ways to assist with our own well being.  All ' disturbances'  show up in our energy field before they become physical realities!!!

Eden Energy medicine:  effective, safe, and always available.

 Your practitioner will assist you to balance  energy patterns that are causing pain, stress, or actual patterns of illness. 
Your sessions are guided by  YOUR OWN BODY, and you will be given self care to assist you in balancing energy patterns.
 Sessions are done using conversation, energy tests, and protocols to enhance well being. 
 You will be fully clothed, and may be seated or reclining on a massage table.  A 5 to 10 minute Daily Energy Routine will be taught so that your body can learn to develop "good energetic habits".  These  are the basis for more specific healing work.